Tangled Webs


Date Events
Unknown Origins
1974 Birth of Nyx Nightingale
Birth of Dassie Hyrax
1977 Birth of Tango Dioxide
Birth of Blue Photon
1978 Birth of Ontic Laison
Birth of Imbolc Telyan
1980 Birth of Steve Dimond
1982 Birth of Constance Sims
1986 Birth of Elanor Laison
1988 Birth of Narto Telyan
1989 Nyx's Backstory
Nyx Nightingale recruited (Agent, DMS)
May 1991 1st: Star Wars: Heir to the Empire released
April 1992 Dassie's Backstory
Dassie Hyrax recruited (Agent, Intelligence) and partnered (Agent Traf Elosia)
Agent Sam Apple transferred (Agent, DMS)
June 1992 1st: Star Wars: Dark Force Rising released
1992 Lofty Skies
January 1993 Department of Internal Security formed
Agent Dassie Hyrax transferred (Agent, DIS)
April 1993 1st: Star Wars: The Last Command released
1993 Mkellin recruited (Agent, DIS)
June 1994 Fading Moments
Imbolc Telyan recruited (Agent, Finance)
Tango Dioxide recruited (Agent, DMS)
Blue Photon recruited (Agent, DMS) and partnered (Agent Tango Dioxide)
November 1994 Star Trek: Generations released
December 1994 Ontic's Backstory
Ontic Laison recruited (Agent, DMS)
Agent Ontic Laison transferred (Agent, DIS)
1995 Alex Orange recruited (Agent, DMS) and partnered (Agent Mortic Wentway)
November 1995 Constance Sims recruited (Agent, DMS)
1996 Jay Thorntree recruited (Agent, DMS)
1997 Steve Dimond recruited (Agent, DMS)
Michaelis recruited (Agent, DIS)
September 1998 The Reorganisation: Chapters 1 & 2
Agent Tango Dioxide transferred (Agent, DAVD)
Agent Tango Dioxide repartnered (Agent Carreg Sarda)
April 1999 Death of Agent Sunshine (Agent, DBS)
May 1999 The Reorganisation: Chapters 3 - 6
Death of Agent Echo (Agent, DAVD)
Death of Agent Carreg Sarna (Agent, DAVD)
Tango Dioxide leaves HQ
Agent India repartnered (Agent Penny)
Death of Agent Imbolc Telyan (Agent, Finance)
Agent Nyx Nightingale transferred (Agent, DIS)
Dafydd Illian recruited (Agent, DMS) and partnered (Agent Jared Calinson)
June 1999 The Reorganisation: Chapter 7 onwards
Death of Agent Isold'evan (Agent, DMS)
Death of Agent Palaver (Agent, DMS)
Death of Agent Emily Newton (Nurse, Medical)
Blue Photon leaves HQ
The DIS leave HQ
Board of Flowers formed
Department of Internal Affairs formed
Department of External Security formed
Department of Internal Operations formed
Nyx Nightingale leaves HQ
Dassie Hyrax leaves HQ
2000 Veminta Fincaran recruited (Agent, DMS)
Agent Penny transferred (Agent, DMS)
Agent Penny repartnered (Agent Veminta Fincaran)
December 2000 Elanor Laison recruited (Secretary, DBS)
2001 Radix recruited (Agent, DIA)
December 2001 19th: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring released
2002 Acacia Byrd recruited (Agent, DBS)
Agent Traf Elosia transferred (Agent, DMS)
Agent Traf Elosia repartnered (Agent Morgan)
April 2002 6th: Agent Steve Dimond repartnered (Agent Constance Sims)
2002 Agent Acacia Byrd transferred (Agent, IC)
Catherine and Charlotte Hust transferred (Agent, DIA)
Agent Acacia Byrd transferred (Agent, DMS)
Agent Acacia Byrd repartnered (Agent Jay Thorntree)
Agent Elanor Laison transferred (Agent, DMS)
Agent Elanor Laison repartnered (Agent Mortic Wentway)
Agent Sam Apple repartnered (Agent Alex Orange)
December 2002 18th: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers released
2003 Kayleigh Leonard recruited (Agent, DBS) and partnered (Agent Salamander)
Architeuthis recruited (Agent, Intelligence)
Agent Acacia Byrd retires (Agent, DMS)
Agent Jay Thorntree retires (Agent, DMS)
December 2003 Jasmine Sims joins the Black Cats
17th: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King released
January 2004 Department of Geographical Aberrations formed
Agent Dafydd Illian transferred (Agent, DOGA)
Agent Selene Windflower transferred (Agent, DOGA)
Agent Dafydd Illian repartnered (Agent Selene Windflower)
2004 Lady Zhevago joins the Black Cats
2005 Agent Narto Telyan transferred (Agent, DOGA)
Death of Agent Elanor Laison (Agent, DMS)
2006 End of the Beginning: All Roads
Tanfin Illian encounters Jay Thorntree and Acacia Byrd.
May 2006 Death of Agent Dafydd Illian (Agent, DOGA)
Resurrection of Dafydd Illian
Agent Dafydd Illian retires (Agent, DOGA)
Agent Constance Sims retires (Agent, DMS)
Agent Selene Windflower repartnered (Agent Narto Telyan)
Crashing Down: Prologue & Chapter 1
25th: Agent Mortic Wentway transferred (Agent, DoWTF)
25th: Reincarnated Elanor Laison recruited (Agent, DoWTF) and partnered (Agent Mortic Wentway)
June 2006 Crashing Down: Chapter 2 onwards
Tango Dioxide returns to HQ
Blue Photon returns to HQ
The Black Cats return to HQ
Nyx Nightingale returns to HQ
Dassie Hyrax returns to HQ
Death of Agent Radix (Agent, DIA)
Death of Twp'atwt
Death of Nendil Morifea
March 2008 12th: The Macrovirus Epidemic
13th: Death of Agent Makes-Things (Technician, DoSAT)
April 2008 17th: The League of Mary-Sue Factories invades HQ
September 2008 23rd: Agent Morgan visits the Avon Valley
January 2009 2nd: End of the Beginning: Broken Storm
2nd: Agent Selene Windflower goes insane.
February 2009 3rd: The Avon Valley Rift is written
July 2009 3rd: DAVD, 2009
2010 Birth of Jasmine Illian-Sims
2029 End of the Beginning: Ghost in the Machine
2030 Jasmine Illian/Sims travels back in time to December 2003.
Tanfin Illian travels back in time to 2006 to visit Jasmine.

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