Tangled Webs

Lofty Skies

Chapter Ten: And, like a thunderbolt...

"What do you mean I can only have one partner now?"

Due to the recent events, we are engaging in a program of downsizing. Three Agents per mission is no longer-

"Don't talk to me about 'recent events', you bloodless piece of wood!" Nyx Nightingale yelled. "I lost one partner in the Blackout and one to the Affliction, I know what's been happening!"

As do I, Agent Nightingale, the Sunflower Official replied calmly. And for your information, while I may have sap instead of blood, I am most certainly not a-

"The Poppy would never have stood for this," Nyx declared. "If she were still alive-"

She isn't, the SO stated. Her last wish was that I take charge of the Department of Mary-Sues, and that is what I am doing. I don't understand what the problem is, Agent Nightingale. Your record shows that you yourself were recruited by a two-Agent team.

"Only because the third one was ill!" Nyx exclaimed. "You can't just shove me in a room with some girl I've never med and expect us to do three Agents' work!"

Then it is fortunate that I do not intend to, the SO said.

Nyx blinked. "But you said-"

In your Response Centre you will find Jared Calinson. We have had to accelerate his training significantly, but I'm sure you will be up to the task.

"... a man," Nyx said flatly.

Indeed. Perhaps the two of you can engage in humanoid reproductive rituals. Dismissed, Agent Nightingale.

Nyx spluttered. "You can't do this!"

I just have, Agent. I have several dozen people just as angry as you waiting to shout at me, so please leave. Now.

Insanity is a state of mind
We who know it won't forget
Those distant days, those calm nights
Before the storms arose.
Our dreams walked the skies above,
We stood as guardians of the worlds,
Held the fire of hope aloft;
We have watched hope's light fade,
And the worlds fall to deadly power.
We have left those lofty skies,
Weathered the storms of time, and,
By day, and night, and day again
We remember the lessons of our past.
Insanity is a place.
That place is here.

~Nyx Nightingale, 2008 HST

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