Tangled Webs


Disclaimer One: The contents of this website are completely accurate, where "accurate" is defined as "conforming to the information obtained by Agent Terri Ryan, a great deal of research, and a paradimensional viewer almost certainly set to "time" rather than "multiverse". At the very least, the story is unable to be disproven.

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Disclaimer Three: This website is part of the PPC works of Huinesoron. Most of the others may be found on the DOGAplex and The Twisted Skein. All these works are tied together by common characters and a consistent canon. While it is not essential to have read the DOGA and other writings to understand the Sagas on Tangled Webs, I still recommend it.

Disclaimer Three Bee: Origins, although still part of the aforementioned canon, is not being written by Huinesoron but by KGarrett.