Tangled Webs

Agent Dafydd's Backstory

The person known to the world as Dafydd Illian crouched behind a bush. He was waiting for Suzeanna Mariana, a girl he had known -- and hated -- for some time. Now he was finally able to get rid of her, and the memories she brought back to him.

Suzeanna walked briskly down the path, hardly noticing the Welsh countryside around her. Until, that is, a figure leapt from the bushes and held a sword to her throat. "Surrender, Sue," growled a well known voice, "and I'll make this quick."

"Dafydd!" she exclaimed. "What are you doing?"

"Getting rid of you," he replied, as if it should be obvious. Holding his harp under one arm, to better support the sword, he added, "Too long has your family walked in freedom. Now you are the last -- the last of a bloodline enriched by the jewels of my father."

Suzeanna frowned. "Your father? I never met your father -- you said he was dead."

Dafydd laughed harshly. "Dead? Of course he's dead! He's been dead for over half a million years! Don't you know who I am yet?" At her confused expression, he elaborated. "I am Maglor, son of Feanor. I created this little country, forged it into a land of song. But never could I succeed fully, because of your ancestors -- Beren and Luthien, Earendil and Elwing, who refused to surrender the Silmaril. The Silmaril, which could have made your country -- my country -- as wondrous and fair as Valinor itself!"

Suzeanna stared at him. Softly, she said, "I would not believe you, yet my heart tells me you speak the truth. Yet also it tells me that a great darkness lies upon you. A darkness coming from -- this." With one hand she grabbed his harp, ripping it and herself away from his grasp. Then, as he began to move towards her, she cast it to the ground, where it broke in a burst of black light. The evil elf vanished, and in his place stood Maglor son of Feanor, greatest minstrel in the world.

Unfortunately for Dafydd, that rogue description meant he found himself stuck in a black plothole, while in the world outside the real Maglor continued the tale. And that was what it was, Dafydd realised -- a story. And now he was stuck outside it, doomed to wait until the pages had all turned, and then vanish for real, never to see the light of day again.

Or so he thought, until a shaft of sunlight broke into his prison. Squinting at it, he made out a human figure, clad all in black. "Hi," it said, waving one hand. "Agent Mortic Wentway, PPC. I have to go and chase after your 'Sue in a minute, but I thought you might appreciate being let out."

"Well, of course I would," replied Dafydd grumpily. "It's not like I enjoy this. Are you planning on moving, then, or am I supposed to diffuse through you?"

Mortic looked back at him. "Actually... there is a catch. We can't let you back into the world you came from -- we'd have to kill you. But you're nice and homicidal, so we decided to see if we could recruit you instead."

"Recruit me? To what?"

"The PPC," said a new voice. A second figure stepped up beside Mortic. "That's Protectors of the Plot Continuum. Basically, we wander around stories and kill badly-written characters -- like your Suzeanna, for example. Sound like your sort of thing?"

Dafydd grinned. "It certainly does. Where do I sign up?"

Mortic glanced at the other figure. "That was easy, Alex. What did you do?"

The one identified as Alex shrugged. "Appealed to his homicidal tendencies."

Mortic laughed, then pulled out a silver device and turned back to Dafydd. "This is a Remote Activator. It allows us to transfer between worlds. Like so." A blue doorway appeared in the air as the Agent pressed a button. "This portal goes through to the Department of Personnel back at PPC HQ. When you get there, tell the Director -- he's a giant daisy, you can't miss him -- that Agents Mortic Wentway and Alex Orange recruited you. We would accompany you, but there's a 'Sue to finish off." When Dafydd didn't move, Alex muttered, "We should have just killed him."

"No need for that," replied Mortic, stepping behind Dafydd. "All we need is a little gentle persuasion." And with that, Dafydd found himself pushed through the portal into a grey room. As he turned to see the portal vanish, a voice spoke into his mind.

Yes? What do you want?

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